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Dining 101 [Ottawa]: The Cheshire Cat Pub

The Cheshire Cat Pub

The Cheshire Cat Pub

Restaurant: The Cheshire Cat Pub
Location: 2193 Richardson Side Road, Ottawa, ON
Cuisine: International/ Pub
Menu: http://www.cheshirecatpub.com/menus.html
Price: $10-15

Out with my team for my going-away lunch, I chose The Cheshire Cat Pub. Living in Ottawa for about a year you’d think that I’d be bored of pub fare. Yet I’ve gained quite an addiction to that chill pub vibe and overly starchy plates of food.
But a bit of a change from the pubs with cheap wings nights and crowds of sports fans, this traditional English pub serves up both quantity and quality. I’ve actually wanted to pay Cheshire Cat a visit for awhile since it’s been praised about so much in the Kanata area. Located not too far from my work, I was destined to come here for my last work-lunch outing.
To be honest, when we pulled up into the gravel parking lot I didn’t know what to expect. But I was excited walking up to a small stonewalled house. I always find that houses renovated into houses to have this homey and nostalgic vibe. The red telephone booth outside was a bit cliche, but I thought it was a charming welcome to the pub:).
The inside of the pub was somewhat cramped, but I think that allowed for a cosy and upbeat atmosphere when crowds fill in during the rush. For a table of 10 we were seated upstairs; promptly greeted with menus, my stomach was growling!

Chicken Pot Pie w/Fries

Chicken Pot Pie w/Fries

I don’t think I’ve had chicken pot pie since I was a kid when my dad use to pack lunch for me. Digging into this freshly baked pie, I personally felt a bit of nostalgia. The golden pastry on top was crispy, flaky, and buttery against the lips.  Apart from slightly burnt edges, the pie crust was the highlight for me:). I enjoyed the filling as well, a thick and hearty center to the pie. There was a generous portion of chicken pieces, which were extremely tender and practically enveloped in the sauce. It’s just the ideal dish to fill your stomach on a cold Winter’s day.
The fries and vegetables were average, nothing special. Although a good gravy makes everything taste a little more extraordinary;).

Bangers & Mash

Bangers & Mash

A plate packed with Farmer-style sausages, fried onions, marinated grilled tomatoes, mashed potatoes, and sauteed vegetables. The element of this dish that interested me most was clearly the sausages, which were moist and juicy along with a firm texture. Perfectly seasoned and paired well with a drizzle of gravy.
Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy the “Mash” portion of the “Bangers & Mash”. I thought the mash potatoes were dry and there seemed to be a lack of butter. It was just not very appealing to my tastes buds as the flavor fell flat and the texture was quite clumpy. I’m sure with ” a lot” of gravy, it would have helped, but I would have liked to enjoy the simple taste of a rich mash.
I wonder if you can order a plate of just the Farmer-style sausage? Delish!

The Cheshire Cat Pub

The Cheshire Cat Pub

I’d say this was a great place for a team-lunch, but Cheshire Cat is really a great place for any meal. It kind of feels like eating at home:). I think the relaxed atmosphere and hearty pub bites really makes you feel warm even in the during the harsh Ottawa Winter time:). Definitely drop by if you’re in the neighborhood! 

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