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The Dining Room, Toronto

Dining 101 [Toronto]: Greg’s Ice Cream

Greg's Ice Cream

Greg's Ice Cream

Restaurant: Greg’s Ice Cream
Location: 750 Spadina Avenue,Toronto, ON
Cuisine: Dessert/ Ice Cream
Menu: N/A
Price: $10 or Less

To add to my day at the beach it was only necessary to grab some ice cream to perfect a hot sunny day.
Greg’s is a very small ice cream parlor that you might just pass by because it looks like any other shop along the street. But if you walk in you’ll notice a board listing the daily flavors. Got to love freshly made ice cream:)

Malt Ball Crunch Ice Cream

Malt Ball Crunch Ice Cream

I couldn’t really taste “malt ball”, it just seemed very chocolaty. Although the texture was extremely smooth and creamy so I did enjoy it. An issue I had with my waffle cone was that the tissue they wrapped it with stuck to the cone. Sadly, I was unable to eat the cone tip, which of course we all know is the BEST PART :(!

Toasted Marshmallow Ice Cream

Toasted Marshmallow Ice Cream

Apparently the toasted marshmallow flavor was quite popular. But how can you say no to roasted marshmallows? Quite nostalgic actually, reminds me of camping and elementary school snacks. Although the smartest choice here was the type of cone rather than the flavor. A note for the future, sugar cones are less likely to stick to tissue paper!

Greg's Ice Cream

Greg's Ice Cream

I love ice cream, but Greg’s doesn’t have any “Wow” factor. It’s not like they served bad ice cream, just nothing exciting beyond the name. I’ve definitely had better ice cream at multiple places in Vancouver. Bella Gelateria is still at the top of my list.

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