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The Dining Room, Toronto

Dining 101 [Toronto]: Turbo Lounge

Turbo Lounge

Turbo Lounge

Restaurant: Turbo Lounge
Location: 5310 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON
Cuisine: Korean/ Bar/ Lounge
Menu: http://www.turbolounge.ca/
Price: $10-15

Arriving in Toronto at night, clearly pass dinner time, my friend took me to a bar/lounge in K-town (Korean Town). Completely did not expect the interior to look like a neon-lit Chinese diner (LOL).
The young clientele created an upbeat atmosphere. In terms of food, the menu choices were similar to Chinese diners or Bubble Tea places. The most “Korean” aspect about this lounge was the drink selection; SOJU!

Calpis Soju

Calpis Soju

What I love about Calpis Soju is that it just tastes like Calpis. The “buzz” feeling hits you gradually because it doesn’t even seem to be alcohol. Definitely a great choice for casual drinking.

Complimentary Appetizers

Complimentary Appetizers

I’ve never seen a bar give out complimentary appetizers like these. I mean at a lot of Korean restaurants they provide kimchi, marinated beansprouts and etc, but this was quite unusual. The lettuce salad was a generic salad that you might find at an All-You-Can-Eat Japanese Restaurant. Along with extremely dry sliced meat balls (served with ketchup), a small portion of potato salad, and question sashimi (which I believe was tuna?). The appy platter, just seemed to be random scraps of what they might have leftover in the kitchen. I guess for a bar/lounge, it was nice that they even offered complimentary appetizers but certainly did not impress my tastes buds.

Honey Garlic Chicken Wings & Fries

Honey Garlic Chicken Wings & Fries

Apart from drinks I ordered some Honey Garlic Chicken Wings and fries to cure my empty stomach. After riding in the car for 4-5 hours to Toronto, I was indeed famished.However, despite the crisp skin and sticky honey glaze on the outside, multiple wings had an unappealing “pink” hue on the inside (due to hunger, I ate around it:(). The fries were lightly seasoned and crispy, but they were obviously just frozen fries so nothing too exciting.

To be honest, if i was looking for good food I wouldn’t come here. But I’d still revisit Turbo because it’s really not about the food. It’s about the drinks and atmosphere. Simply a great place to chat and laugh with a group of friend over shots of Soju:).

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