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Dining 101 [New York]: Rice to Riches

Rice To Riches

Rice To Riches

Restaurant: Rice to Riches
Location: 37 Spring Street, New York, NY
Cuisine: Dessert
Menu: http://www.ricetoriches.com/puddy.aspx
Price: $10 or Less

To be honest, I didn’t even plan to come here but the Foodie gods must have known I’d love it! I actually didn’t even know I liked (LOVED!) rice pudding until I came here:).
The layout of the store is very much like an ice cream parlor, which is awesome because “FREE TASTES”! Although the thing about rice pudding is that it’s so heavy, even free tastes can ruin your appetite (although so worth it).

Assortment of Rice Pudding

Assortment of Rice Pudding

Reminds you of ice cream doesn’t it? But it’s rice pudding! But like Gelato, there’s an array of flavors! Everything tasted so good that I was just overwhelmed by the choices (and endless free tastes!).

Sin Legally

Sin Legally

A lot of dessert places try to attract customers with healthy “low-fat” choices. But I thought it was much more intriguing that Rice to Riches boasts the fatty indulgence of Rice Pudding. If you’re looking to shed a few pounds, this is not the place you should go (you have been warned:P!).

The Crowds

The Crowds

Yes that’s right! All these people are here for Rice Pudding! Absolutely packed;).

Panna Cotta & Espresso Flavors + Sponge Cake Crumbs

Panna Cotta & Espresso Flavors + Sponge Cake Crumbs

After all those free tastes, finally decided on the Panna Cotta and Espresso. First of all, the rice pudding had a wonderfully chewy yet smooth  texture (kind of like tapioca pudding but SO MUCH BETTER). I wasn’t sure that the Panna Cotta flavor really tasted like Panna Cotta, but it was really tasty! The Espresso, on the other hand, had a strong coffee taste which really woke me up from my long day! But of course, I had to jazz it up a bit, so add some Sponge Cake crumbs on top! I was expecting the crumbs to be moist, but they were crispy like croutons. Excellent combination because Rice Pudding was really heavy so the crispy texture of the crumbs kept my taste buds interested (although my sweet tooth was quite addicted anyways;)).

Rice To Riches

Rice To Riches

I think this “No Skinny Bitches” window decal has become quite iconic. Certainly shows that this is a place that doesn’t try to mask desserts with healthy alternatives. Dessert is dessert; it’s something to indulge yourself in without having to worry about “fat” or “carbs”. So if you’re ready to “Sin Legally”, Rice to Riches is the place to be (I know I’m hooked to Rice Pudding)!

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