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Dining 101 [Sydney]: 360 Bar & Dining

360 Bar & Dining

360 Bar & Dining

Restaurant: 360 Bar & Dining
Location: 100 Market Street, Sydney, NSW
Cuisine: Modern Australian/ French/ European
Menu: http://www.trippaswhitegroup.com.au/our-venues/360-Bar-and-Dining/menu/1
Price: $35 and Up

An amazing view to go with a delightful meal. No doubt a tourist spot in Sydney, so I definitely had to pay a visit before my flight.
On my last day, I got out bright and early to sight see and enjoy my final meal in Sydney at 360.

Complimentary Bread

Complimentary Bread

Greeted by an array of breads and spreads. All the breads were bakery fresh and warm enough to melt the butter;). Obviously I had refills!



Medium-rare steak with a creamy sauce. Amazingly seasoned, but highlights the juices and flavors of the meat. Although I really adored the firm but smooth potato on the side.



The filet had an excellent crisp skin and flaky soft meat. Very moist and flavorful, especially accompanied by the green peas and puree. I loved the creaminess of the puree mixed with the crisp and flaky filet. Overall, a great ensemble:).

Panna Cotta

Panna Cotta

Love a simple panna cotta. Very firm and bouncy with a rich creamy texture on the tongue. The thing about panna cotta is it’s subtle sweetness, but the added juices here really heightened the sweetness for me. Also a very earthy and beautiful presentation.

360 Bar & Dining

360 Bar & Dining

I highly recommend tourists to visit the 360 at Sydney Tower because you really experience a world-class view with a satisfying meal. I’ve had better fine dine elsewhere, so I wouldn’t suggest locals to come here if you’re just looking for an amazing meal. However, it’s a worthwhile visit for travelers;). 

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