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The Dining Room, Vancouver

Dining 101 [Vancouver]: Olive Garden

Olive Garden

Olive Garden

Restaurant: Olive Garden
Location: 20080 Langley Bypass, Langley, BC
Cuisine: Italian
Menu: http://www.olivegarden.com/Menu/
Price: $15-25

Even though I live in Surrey, Langley is quite a drive! I went a rainy day after lecture and I thought there wouldn’t be much people, but I was wrong! Luckily, they allow you to take a seat at the bar while you wait for a table (dire need of a drink). Although, they also offer free wine tasting when you are seated at your table, so I was definitely going to get some sort of drink that night;). The interior really felt like Italy (I’ve never been), like how you might see an Italian bistro on television or in movies. While the service was absolutely excellent that night (very prompt to take our order and refill anything needed), although this was my first visit so service might vary.

Complementary Bread Sticks & Salad

Complementary Bread Sticks & Salad

I could probably spend my whole meal just eating the Bread Sticks and Salad! I really believe that people endure the long wait and crowded parking lots just for the Unlimited Bread Sticks and Salad. I mean you’d think that it’s just bread and veggies, but the Salad is extremely fresh and crisp, with a nice light vinaigrette which really boosts your appetite. While I’m a sucker for bread (I JUST LOVE BREAD <3) and Olive Garden’s bread sticks were so soft with a hint of garlic powder. Well can’t really go wrong when it’s free, right?

Seafood Alfredo

Seafood Alfredo

The fettuccine was cooked firm and just slid across the tongue when you devoured each ribbon of pasta. Loaded with lots of shrimp and scallops, it was a good portion. Although, I felt the seafood wasn’t as fresh as say another place that’s more focused on serving seafood, so it was just mediocre. Probably, the one aspect to appreciate is the sauce, which was a creamy alfredo that seemed just right (not too heavy over the pasta). With the addition of a few sprinkles of cheese, it was a solid plate of pasta.

Five Cheese Ziti al Forno

Five Cheese Ziti al Forno

Well this dish really didn’t look as good as the picture on the menu (the red-ish pasta in the picture above). The Ziti pasta was cooked al dente although it became quite clustered underneath the baked cheese. Mangled with 5 different cheese, it was more like one massive blob of cheese. The marinara sauce was quite creamy, which kind of intensified the cheesiness. Personally, it was a bit too heavy for me, and I don’t think I’d order this again.

Piccoli Dolci - Chocolate Mousse/ Lemon Cream Cake/ Tiramisu

Piccoli Dolci - Chocolate Mousse/ Lemon Cream Cake/ Tiramisu

In order to try a variety of desserts I ordered a set of “Piccoli Dolci”, which means “little desserts treats”. Nothing wow. I’d enjoy the tiramisu if it had a more bitter flavor, but it was just overly sweet (the other desserts were too, but it was expected). The Lemon Cream Cake had a very “made-from-the-box” taste, which I didn’t really like. If I was ranking, I think the Chocolate Mousse was the best, simply because it was smooth and I love Chocolate! I probably should have just ordered the full sized Chocolate Mousse!

I’ll probably come back here again because I do have a few friends who are interested in trying it out. But to be honest, the pasta is really overrated. I think there’s too much hype about the place because it’s the only one in Canada. It’s really maybe only a step above Boston Pizza pasta? What I will come back for is the fresh salads and bread sticks served by very friendly and knowledge staff.

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