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Dining 101 [Sydney]: Palm Breeze Cafe

Palm Breeze Cafe

Palm Breeze Cafe

Restaurant: Palm Breeze Cafe
Location: 128 Burwood Road, Burwood, NSW
Cuisine: Modern Australian/ American/ Diner
Menu: http://www.palmbreezecafe.com.au/menu.swf
Price: $25-35

Staying in the suburbs with my friend, Burwood was a close place to grab dinner. I didn’t really know which place would be good, but I guess I just judged by how the restaurant looked from the outside. While the interior of Palm Breeze Cafe was also very simple and stylish. I felt quite relaxed and for a local Cafe, the interior design was quite impressive.
They also offered a menu with a wide range of choices from steaks to seafood and pasta to risotto.

Ice Tea

Ice Tea

Started off with a cold glass of ice tea to quench my thirst.

Con Pollo Alfredo Risotto

Con Pollo Alfredo Risotto

The sauteed chicken breast pieces were tender and glazed with the alfredo sauce. While the roasted mushrooms seemed to be masked by all the creaminess. In my opinion, the risotto’s texture was too similar to porridge. I felt that there was simply too much cream in the sauce (not to mention too much sauce in general). It may be that I’m not use to this style of cuisine because it seems that dishes are usually creamier here, but I find that a light sauce would have been a lot more appetizing.

Alla Boscaiola Penne

Alla Boscaiola Penne

Although this penne had a cream sauce like the risotto, it was much lighter. The sauce just formed a generous glaze over the penne without overwhelming the mix of ingredients. The mushrooms and bacon had a smokey flavor and was quite obvious even with the creamy sauce. Just a solid plate of penne (and bacon definitely does make things better!).

For a casual dinner, I’d definitely visit Palm Breeze often. The menu offers a lot of variety and I think it’s all about adjusting the amount of sauces (since I prefer lighter meals). Unfortunately, being a tourist, I’d like try other places or else the steaks and ribs would be my choice for a future visit.

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